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Nugget Reserve '5LB GOLD OVERDOSE' - Gold Paydirt

Nugget Reserve '5LB GOLD OVERDOSE' - Gold Paydirt


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Nugget Reserve '5LB GOLD OVERDOSE'

- Looking for the ultimate gold panning experience, whether you're a seasoned prospector or a newcomer? Look no further than 5LB GOLD OVERDOSE!

-This special release paydirt boasts an average of 20-50 grains of various types of gold, including the possibility of finding Nuggets, Pickers, and Specimen pieces.

- For an added element of excitement, be on the lookout for the randomly inserted OVERDOSE Bags, which contain a larger amount of gold than the rest!

- Each bag of Gold Paydirt contains approximately 5lbs of panning material, composed of the same mixture found in typical placer gold localities in their natural settings. You'll find everything from blonde and black sands to minerals, quartz, and of course gold.

- For your peace of mind, each bag is tamper-proof.

- We take great care in packaging and shipping all our shipments via USPS Priority and USPS Ground Advantage, ensuring your package arrives quickly and safely.

- Don't miss out on the opportunity to Find the Motherlode with Nugget Reserve!


The GOLDN PAYDIRT we offer is mined, created and comes to you directly from hard working GOLD MINERS!! We work exclusively with Gold Miners to bring you their best, Gold! The Special Gold Nugget Paydirt Concentrate comes from a blend of Raw Paydirt from river deposits, stream deposits and valley deposits. All deposits are located in areas known for gold including the possibility of nuggets & chunky gold all found within historic Gold Regions of North America. Added gold comes from active gold mines and claims all over North America, we work directly with the miners to bring you the best around!

The very first U.S. Gold Rush were located in historic gold regions of North America and the old timers missed so much of the gold! The Paydirt we offer is classified (concentrated) for your panning convenience! Of course it is always possible for bigger rocks + NUGGETS to slip through!! When used correctly, all paydirt will contain randomly varied amounts of gold.

Gold Paydirt is strictly for education, hobby and entertainment. Our Gold Paydirt is a Find & Reveal item. Not an item of chance.  As with any user result oriented item we can never guarantee that you will report finding a specific amount, size or value of Rock, Minerals or Gold inside. There is no guarantee on past, present or future value of any of the items contents and never a guarantee of resale value. All advertised values are appraised values and valued at the time of production and do not have any promise of any past, current or future values. We consider and refer to any and all types of visual gold as Nugget/s. We define “a take”, “take”, “your take” all as a part of a share of the referenced motherlode chase and not the entire referenced motherlode. Motherlode bags typically occur every few bags but are never guaranteed to occur so. Motherlode bags typically contain more gold than other bags. All reported results depend on user skill and may vary because of this. Anything seen in the photos other than the gold paydirt is not included. Anything else not included such as stand-alone gold examples in the photos will not be the actual item or quantities received. This special release paydirt is made all at once in batches. Each batch consists of many total units.


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